Fire and Flora was created by William D Skinner III in 2016. Will attended college at the University of New Orleans (UNO). While at UNO he took ceramics as an elective. It was then that he fell in love with ceramics and continued to create pottery throughout his education. It was then that he realized his need for creativity and the peace he found while throwing ceramics. Early in his ceramics career he realized the relationship between ceramics and greenery. It was then that he started created vases flowers and plants to decorate his dorm with. Having potted plants made the sterile dorm feel like a home. While building more pots for plants he had to learn to care for the plants and started to increase his knowledge of horticulture.  He continued to work on the wheel for a short time after college, but as life got busier he drifted away from the hobby of ceramics and the plants to fill them.  A decade later, he knew that he was lacking creativity in his life  to get back on the pottery wheel and started throwing at Foelber studio in Central Houston. A few months into his work at the studio he created Fire and Flora to start his own brand. Wanting to pursue his love for gardening and ceramics, he decided to have his brand be a dual focus business. Fire and Flora represents both of interests. Fire represents the kiln and ceramics, while Flora represents greenery and gardening. Wanting to push him creativity in both aspects of Fire and Flora, he has been pursing more difficult techniques in ceramics while taking on larger projects in landscaping versus gardening for a hobby. His Landscaping business has been very successful and continues to grow. His landscaping projects are geared towards court yards, terraces and small back yards. Living in Central Houston, not every home is blessed with large green back yards, because of this Will wanted to be able to bring some green into these small spaces.